Quantum Vacuum Theory of Everything?

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Quantum Vacuum Theory of Everything?
« on: 21/12/2005 23:29:36 »
I've been reading through the entries on this website:
which is suggesting that inertia, gravity, etc. can be explained by the properties of the "quantum vacuum" / "zero-point" fluctuations, and could be a step in the direction of a "grand unified theory of everything".
This link was originally posted by Dr Beaver on the "Constancy of the speed of light" thread, where you can also find a link to Turbo-1's page which contains a similar theory which makes use of the quantum vacuum:
And Soul Surfer has recently posted suggestions also related to the quantum vacuum (in the "EXPANSION of the universe" thread).

These theories sound very plausible to me (as an ignorant amateur) - but I can't find any links/references in "mainstream" sources (e.g. university physics departments sites) to such theories.  Does anyone know of such references, or know if such theories are being more widely researched?  I'd be interested in any more links or information that anyone has.