how to get sms on our mobile phone when any website is udated ?

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hi friends,
is there any way to get sms on our mobile if any link or (any particular web site is updated ).
i want to know what is going to be udated through the sms on our mobile hone.
i think google sms channel do it is it (if yes then lz guide me how to do it).
thanks in advance!!!


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The easiest way is to (FIRST) get an email box service that will deliver "sms" if a mail message is recieved and can be filtered as to the "subject" or "sender" in its control panel.
Probably a paid service will screen that much, i know gmail does.

(SECOND) Find the language for your CGI service of the website service you have, e.g. J2EE , PHP , Python , PEARL , ASP , ASP .NET , SHELL , RUBY e.t.c.

Write a mailer script that will send a screenable message from the sever to the email box
Take a look at this...

===(forgot to add) if it's on another website you don't control, consider finding or switching to one with and "RSS feed".
You can write PHP scripts for your own website server(providing it allows you and has PHP CGI)to obtain rss files for comparisson.