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Thats so NOT true?

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Thats so NOT true?
« on: 04/05/2010 17:35:44 »
omid received this from a male friend which is so untrue.


Omid means look at the amount of common sense and patience.


omid very sure there's no one who agrees with this right?????????
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Thats so NOT true?
« Reply #1 on: 04/05/2010 19:13:42 »
If I were to draw the male brain with the same degree of seriousness then it would probably be censored because we blokes are noted for keeping our brains between our legs.

If women really had that little patience they wouldn't be able to cope with the behaviour of children or their husbands.

I'm even more amused by the idea that women are short on common sense.
It's damnably rare that women start wars.

(Mrs Thatcher was one of the few, and I will take the opportunity to mention that in the run-up to the election).
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Thats so NOT true?
« Reply #2 on: 04/05/2010 20:55:17 »
Sorry, no fluffy kitten centre. Mine is very big. My looking at mans bottoms area is also enormous. I also have an innuedo storage facility that would put a Tescos mega shed to shame. Sorry, not at all like my girlie brain.
Give a man a fire and he is warm for a day, set a man on fire and he is warm for the rest of his life.


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Thats so NOT true?
« Reply #3 on: 19/05/2010 14:35:45 »
I've seen that picture before, and... it makes me  [:(!]
You can never understand a woman unless you read something about her psychology
and look at the truth part loooooooooooool, you mean that man are kind of  angles right !!

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