Silver is used to purify water in water-cooled PCs...

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Michael Schmunk  asked the Naked Scientists:
Love the show, I listen to your [podcasts while I configure data systems used to manufacture semiconductors at my work here in Oregon, USA. 

I was surprised to hear the bit on Science in the Kitchen and the question of using Silver to purify water as if it was un-common. 

It is very common to use a silver coil in a PC water cooling loop so that you can use pure distilled water as a coolant and not have algae grow in the water, and many of the high end nozzles are silver plated for the same reason.
Also my hiking water filter uses a silver lined filter as part of the filtration system.
Good show though, keep up the interesting work.



What do you think?
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Silver is used to purify water in water-cooled PCs...
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This is "purify" in the sense of adding silver ions i.e. an impurity.

Silver ions in the water kill bugs. People have made use of the observation that water stays fresh and drinkable in water kept in silver containers for longer for ages.
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