How does spiciness scale?

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Malte Ohlsen

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How does spiciness scale?
« on: 11/05/2010 12:30:03 »
Malte Ohlsen  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hey Chris!

Love the show.

I have a hot sauce at home that is supposed to have 100.000 Scoville.
I often mix it with other sauces to make them hotter.

If I used a one million Scoville sauce, could I use 1/10th the amount
and have the same degree of spicyness?

In other words: Is there a limit on how dissolvable spicyness is?

Kind regards, Malte (from Hamburg, Germany)

What do you think?
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How does spiciness scale?
« Reply #1 on: 11/05/2010 19:47:44 »
The scale is based on how much you can dilute the stuff before it stops tasting "hot", so your idea should work.
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