Is bee venom an effective medicine for arthritis?

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hello there
is bee venom more efficient than common medicine
I'm actually very interested is the epitherapy , and yes I've experienced bee stings  for my eyes cause I'm myopic and for the rheumatism also.

my vision has significantly been ameliorated and i think that one day I'll not need my glass
it demands time surly but it is  very efficient

in addition after the stings i feel stronger which is awesome
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Re: Is bee venom an effective medicine for arthritis?
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The practice of using bee venom to treat rheumatism may be effective ...

Our results provide suggestive evidence for the effectiveness of BVA in treating musculoskeletal pain. However, the total number of RCTs included in the analysis and the total sample size were too small to draw definitive conclusions.

but I cannot see (no pun intended) how bee stings could reduce myopia.
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