The podcast and transcript have helped the MOD!

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Ian Tomlinson

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The podcast and transcript have helped the MOD!
« on: 14/05/2010 00:30:05 »
Ian Tomlinson asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Naked Scientists!

I'm a regular listener to your Podcast but thought I'd let you know how the one on GPS has helped us within a small bit of the Ministry of Defence.  Or rather, how the transcript of the PodCast has.

We have a new starter in our team (who is also new to the MOD) and will be looking after the purchase of a new GPS system.  To do this she needed to know the background into the system and also the possible problems with it (such as spoofing, which despite us using the military codes can also be a problem) and although we can tell her these things and where to find them as there isn't really anything written down in a single place.

After I heard the Podcast on the web I knew it would be good for her, but she would be unable to listen to it as she is profoundly deaf (but excellent at lip reading!).  I was showing her the website and we found out that there are transcriptions available for the shows so she has been able to use that to gain a small insight into the background of the system from which she can now build on as she gains experience in our area.

Once again, many thanks for this particular Podcast/Transcription but also for the weekly ones as it makes my commute into work just that little bit easier.

Kindest Regards,
Ian Tomlinson

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