What causes nausea?

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Mmakeng Dhlomo

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What causes nausea?
« on: 14/05/2010 00:30:07 »
Mmakeng Dhlomo  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hello Chris
What causes nausea? After eating certain types of food, I feel terribly nauseated but cannot throw up.
Thank you

Mmakeng from Midrand Johannesburg

What do you think?
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What causes nausea?
« Reply #1 on: 14/05/2010 22:22:20 »
I'm not in the least bit a fussy eater, and enjoy almost everything of common western foodstuffs. The one real exception for me is black cherry. I do not enjoy a black cherry pie, feel very nauseas afterwards, and have even been sick on one occasion. I avoid black cherries now.

Red glace cherries are fine, and very tasty (if a bit sweet). But I don't much like raw red cherries (or probably even a red-cherry pie) that much either. Is there something fairly unique about black cherries which I might react adversely to? Some enzyme or something?

Of course there can also be mental/psychological causes of nausea, including anxiety...
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