Can pirfenidone be bought from Japan?

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Can pirfenidone be bought from Japan?
« on: 16/05/2010 19:25:32 »
I believe pirfenidone is the only drug which has ever produced benefits for sufferers of ideopathic pulmonary fibrosis and similar conditions. My father has alveolitis and would like to try it, but he's in the UK.  Is it possible to get it (legally) from Japan, where it has been approved since 2008?



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Can pirfenidone be bought from Japan?
« Reply #1 on: 17/05/2010 13:54:14 »
I hope some of the real experts on this site can provide you with help and useful information.

I am not an expert but bearing in mind that the FDA have yet to grant the manufacturer permission to market in the USA on the basis of lack of substantial evidence of efficacy (and just a few days ago called for a new clinical trial) and that the manufacturer did not comply with the FDA's request to provide original data from usage in Japan; it would seem that the efficacy of the drug is still in doubt.  I would want to do a lot of research and talk to real experts before I tried a drug that is without approval in USA or EU.  I hope you and your Father get some positive news soon.
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