who wants to be cryonic?

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who wants to be cryonic?
« on: 17/05/2010 10:08:20 »
I saw a documentary about  cryonics people who want to 'extent there life' and...weird I know, before the damage of the brain cells Dr's get the blood out the body and replace it by an other liquid, the mussels then become solid, and this is not every thing .. after all this , they put the body in a freezer ... like a hibernation thing
Dr's said that those body will be reanimated after a period of time 50 years for example using the method of nanomedecine

some nonoengine entering the body and able to reanimate freezed cells.


born --> hibernate--> reanimate-->hibernate--> reanimated--> h... hum , COOL !!

what do you think ?
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