How about a show on garden pests?

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How about a show on garden pests?
« on: 18/05/2010 09:30:02 »
Gert asked the Naked Scientists:
How about having a show on gardening and how to take care of pests and weed?

It would be great if you could get a biologist on board who could make suggestions on how to fight pests and weed with "biological weapons" instead of chemicals.

E.g. you can fight June beetles with nematodes instead of chemicals. Sure, using chemicals is the easy and quick way to wipe out for instance June beetles, but it wipe out other beneficial insects as well. Another thing is... how to control mosquito?

The solution I've come across is to make an environment that encourages birds to nest on your property. They'll eat these little pests.

What do you think?
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