A Few Questions

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A Few Questions
« on: 18/05/2010 23:30:09 »
1. Are there multiple universes, and can they have, for example, different laws of physics? (such as no gravity)
2. Is it possible for there to exist concepts similar to, but not the same as, life? Would it be possible to have an intelligent being that is not living? Or something with emotion that is not living?
3. What are we missing in the creation of life or an artificial cell/organism? Why are we missing this aspect and why can't we access it?
4. If we have the technology to make a strawberry a few inches larger, why can't we make one that's a few feet larger? Similarly, why can't we just add genes of one organism to another and create a hybrid? I know we can sort of do this on a small scale, but why can't we give lizards hair, for instance? In general, what technology(ies) are we lacking in genetic or biological engineering that will allow us to "edit" organisms however we please?
5. I know someone that can listen to the same song over and over again and it won't get old. What is this phenomena?
6. Can anything stimulate creativity, or is it completely natural?
7. Why don't plants have emotion?


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A Few Questions
« Reply #1 on: 19/05/2010 10:20:33 »
Hi somstuff,

Welcome to the forum.  You might get better answers to your questions if you ask them all separately in the different forums so that people can focus on responding to each one individually.

I'll answer the one that I know about:
1. Are there multiple universes, and can they have, for example, different laws of physics? (such as no gravity)
No one knows the answer to this.  We can only test a theory against what we see in our own universe.  Some theories do propose that there are multiple universes.  Just how different those universes are depends on the theory.  In general, the strengths of the different forces in the universe are controlled by numbers called fundamental constants.  You can mathematically change these constants, and therefore the strengths of the forces, without violating the laws of physics.  However, if you do change these constants, then life as we know it would almost always be impossible.  That brings up an interesting point--our universe seems to have these constants at just the right value to support life.  No one knows why that's the case.

There are some theories (such as some versions of string theory) that suggest that countless universes exist, and that the values of the constants are different in each one.  In that view, reason we measure the values we do for the constants is that we could never measure anything different--we simply wouldn't exist to do so in the other universes.