Can Hashimoto's thyroiditis be reversed?

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Pumza Phele

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Can Hashimoto's thyroiditis be reversed?
« on: 20/05/2010 21:30:04 »
Pumza Phele asked the Naked Scientists:
I listen to you always on Redi's show on Radio 702 in South Africa.

I would like to know if Hashimoto's thyroiditis can be reversed?

What do you think?
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Can Hashimoto's thyroiditis be reversed?
« Reply #1 on: 30/05/2010 23:13:30 »
I would actually love to hear an answer to this because according to my Doctor it is something I will have for my whole life. It is being treated with a pill I take daily for the rest of my life. It also requires that my blood be tested at regular intervals to make sure the medication doesn't need to be raised or lowered, which tells me that the thyroid hormones must fluctuate a bit and change Thus the constant blood work to maintain proper levels..
So that alone makes me wonder if it can be cured completely.. I have a Internet friend who says hers was cured completely.. that it just went away! Is that possible, or could it be her thyroid problem could have been medication or illness induced so stopping other meds or fixing other medical problems may have brought it back to normal or what?

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