How can I keep ants and lizards out of my house?

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Yael Kramer

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How can I keep ants and lizards out of my house?
« on: 23/05/2010 17:30:03 »
Yael Kramer  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris,

Please, please ,please answer my email! I'm sure you get millions of
emails, but mines desperate! I have to issues I'm desperate to sort
out and I have no doubt you'll know exactly how!

1) I'm petrified of lizards- but absolutely petrified! I feel like it
is beyond an invasion of my space when I find one in my room and
unfortunately, living in South Africa- -it's an eventuality. My
bedroom door opens onto a balcony, which open out onto a big garden.
The problem is that every time I leave my door open, I inevitably get
an "invader"! I also get baby ones that creep under the gap between
the carpet and the door! Is there anything, absolutely anything I can
do to deter them from comming into my room? I don't care if they're in
the garden- but they must stay there! (Oh and I have a dog so it can't
be anything dangerous!) Please tell me what I can do- I've taken to
checking under my bed, behind my door etc every night before I go to
sleep, or I can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) I've also had a problem with ants. All our doors and skirting etc
is made of wood and I've had ants comming in through for ages! I had
the pest control and they sprayed their miracle spray which only
lasted 2 months. In the last two weeks I've noticed these tiny little
centipede, caterpillar -whose not what comming in from the outside
INTO MY BEDROOM! If there's anything I hate more than lizards its
snakes, worms etc. They don't seem to be moving and they are literally
like 2-3cm's in length, about 1mm in width, light to dark brown. My
sister has also got them in her room (she shares the balcony with me).
I'm wondering if they are connected to the ants and do you think there
is something in the woodwork? Could it be some kind of woodlice etc
???????? I'm an absolute clean freak and so I notice everything and
its REALLY REALLY REALLY  freaking me out!

I beg you to reply and help me out! PLEASE HELP!

Many, many thanks,

What do you think?
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