Did anything interesting happen in astronomy between 1804-1806?

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I am helping my friend's son with a school project. The assignment is to give a speech about the Corp of Discovery AKA the Lewis and Clark Expedition (18041806). He needs to create a person who was along on the expiation and speak about a tool he used. The child has chosen the telescope. I'm wondering if there was anything interesting happened that may have been seen by a member of the party. The expedition began on 14 May 1804 and ended on 23 September 1806.

I'm looking for comets, eclipses, nova, planetary conjunctions....That sort of stuff.

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Download the free and very excellent stellarium program.

http://www.stellarium.org/ [nofollow]

Set your latitude, longitude and time for the expedition and see what was available in the night sky. I don't think it will have comets but the positions of all the planets will be viewable. I know its not a complete answer to your quest but it will give you a start.