Why are mosquitoes attracted to some people and not others?

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Mosquito's never bite my wife at all whilst I am bitten all the time, even though we sleep right next to each other.  That has always been the case and when we travel from a temperate climate where we live, to a sub-tropical one where we go on holiday regularly, the same applies - I am bitten and she is not.  I assume that different species of mosquito's live in the different climates because in one area the mosquito's are repelled quite efficiently by one type of insect repellent and in the other area, the same repellent is completely ineffective. 
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Why are mosquitoes attracted to some people and not others?
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I would love to know this too - I am of the sort that gets bitten.  I am convinced it is genetic (on the flimsiest of evidence) because when we had family holidays; Dad and one of my brothers would be ok yet mum and the three other brothers would get bitten.
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