Why are my ears still ringing 12 hours after a loud concert?

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I went a very loud concert last night and after a sleepless night my ears are still ringing some 12 hours later. This has happened before but usually clears up within a few hours. I know i'm stupid for not wearing any ear plugs and i've learnt my lesson big time , but after spending the last few hours trying to research the subject , I still haven't got any any definite answers. I know it's tinnitus but at what stage should I start getting worried that this could be permanent? Any help would be appreciated
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Why are my ears still ringing 12 hours after a loud concert?
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You're right, twelve hours is a long time to still be experiencing symptoms. That said, the effect can last for days in some cases. However, this should act as a warning to you that the sounds you were experiencing were ear-damagingly loud and that doing this too often will lead to permanent damage and subsequent impairment (deafness).

But was it a good concert?

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