Strange Light In The Sky Over Sydney, Space Junk, UFO?

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Hi, several I and many others witnessed a white light in the sky over Sydney AT 5:50 am, also ACT and Qld. At first I thought it was the moon, behind clouds, but around it was a swirl of clouds alike candy, and a halo not round but oval shaped, and it was smaller than the moon, then the whole thing light, swirl and halo moved east then behind a cloud. So from stationery for several seconds to the east in a minute.

If this were space junk it's path would be steady, and it does not explain the swirl cloud and that the cloud went with it without a tail.

I managed to turn on my camera and take a 2 megapixel night shout just as it went behind a cloud. It may have moved but by chance if at all, according to the swirl, making the swirl effect stronger in the picture. I am looking to upload it.


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Strange Light In The Sky Over Sydney, Space Junk, UFO?
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Swirl = Spiral ? ...

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