If I got my leg back, would my brain be able to make it work?

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I lost my right leg to a birth defect when I was 3, after 18 months of trying to save it. When my leg original broke I was just starting to walk. I spent the next 18 months in a cast so I didn't have a chance to practice walking until after my leg was amputated. (I learned to walk on a fake leg)

My life long dream has been to have a permanently attached, bionic leg or to somehow get a flesh and blood leg again. But a while back I was watching a program about a man who lost his vision when he was 3. A surgical technique was developed when he was about 40 that was able to restore his vision. The surgery did fix his eyes but his brain could not interpret the visual information which left him still blind.

Got me wondering, If they developed some way to get my body to regrow a healthy leg, would it work? My brain is now been wired for 35 years to walk on a fake leg. Would my brain be able to rewire itself and make a flesh and blood leg work? Or would I be better off with my trusty fake leg?
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