Sound levels seem to be out. Causing difficulty in my listening environment....

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I've noticed on quite a few of the Naked Scientist Podcasts that a lot of insert segments (interviews, pre-records etc) are at a lower volume to the main studio segments.

In a normal listening environment I can't see this being too much of a problem because you can just twiddle the volume control for the quieter parts of the podcast, but I generally listen to these whilst I'm going to sleep at night, with the computer playing in the corner of the room.  Getting out of bed to constantly adjust the sound levels is quite a pain, and I can't set the volume too loud to start with because it needs to be just loud enough to be heard but just quiet enough that I can fall asleep with it playing.

I'm just wondering if whoever's in charge of the mastering of these could maybe normalize all pre-recorded segments to the same level as the studio volume before the show is recorded/broadcast?

Thanks for considering my request!