Teeth brushing technique?

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Teeth brushing technique?
« on: 19/06/2010 01:39:05 »
This is a question about rinsing the mouth after brushing your teeth...

In order to get the freshest breath, should you ....

a) rinse the mouth out several times to get all the toothpaste out ?
b) rinse the mouth out only once or twice so that some toothpaste residue is left inside the mouth ?

Thanks :)


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Teeth brushing technique?
« Reply #1 on: 19/06/2010 04:32:42 »
My opinion is get all that toothpaste out. The toothpaste contains a surfactant in order to make it easier to scrub off the food and those nasty anaerobic bacteria. Be more concerned about flossing and brushing of the tongue to rid of the critters. If you happen to smoke or like the sulfer containing foods like onions and garlic it wouldn't hurt to cut down in that area either. Besides, if you leave that toothpaste residue in your mouth you'll NEVER be able to enjoy orange juice ever again!