As electromagnetic field becomes erattic in its reversal, will it effect gravity

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Okay, I'm new to this form, bear with me here. Recently a dead spot, or dead area in the magnetic field appeared from the coat of Brazil, in a N.E. direction to Africa approx. 100 miles wide. And magnetic anomaly's have been appearing around both polar caps, ie; magnetic North spots in the ocean around the South Pole and the opposite in the North Pole. As the pole shift (over a thousand to many thousands of years) occurs and the magnetic field becomes less stable and or erratic, (not failing as some would think) will it have an effect on gravity and or more directly, specific gravity. And would that then create challenges for any motor, electric, internal combustion and so on.
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It is true that we are overdue for a reversal of the earth's magnetic field and it is weakening steadily and becoming more erratic.  However the flipping of the field will have no effects on gravity or electromagnetic devices but it could have a serious effect on thew amount of ionising radiation that we receive from space because the earth's magnetic field is a shield against the energetic charged particles in the solar wind.
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