Can cancer cells be filtered from blood?

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Paul Anderson

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Can cancer cells be filtered from blood?
« on: 19/06/2010 07:30:03 »
Paul Anderson  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris and team,

My brother was told about a month ago that he had 6 months to a year to live as his melanoma on his back had metastasised to his lungs.

He now is at home basically waiting to die. One lung is dead and when they surgically opened him up to do something for the other lung, they said a tumour was growing quickly and there was too much blood, and so they aborted the surgery and sewed him up.

Would that have happened overseas, or overseas would they have carried on?
Is there any way to replace a person's blood with artificial blood, filter out any cancer cells from the blood and then feed the patient's blood back into him?

I think I am suggesting something like kidney dialysis.

What do you think?
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Can cancer cells be filtered from blood?
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Your hypothetical machine(s) would somehow have to discriminate between normal cells and cancer cells and operate in every blood & lymphatic vessel in the body 24/7.

The only treatment Iíve heard of which resembles your hypothetical machine(s) is cancer immunotherapy, which is a new / experimental therapy.

Melanoma ...


lung (not melanoma in lung) ...
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