What Happens If Two Sperm Fertilise An Egg At Exactly The Same Time ?

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Dear Fertilise-ologists,

As a Sheepy I of course am required to " service" ewes on a daily basis....so....ewe'd expect me to understand the biology of the procedure in great detail wouldn't ewe ?..well...I'm pretty good at the mechanics but just being a sheep without a doctoratete degree I find understanding the nature of conception rather complex......... well.... I know the basics...

See Spermy here ?

Spermy Doing The Deed

He's ' aving it large' with Eggy Weggy and fertilising it ' preggy style'......

..but...would happen if Spermy and a mate fertilise Eggy Weggy at exactly the same time ? ie..two sperm !

Ewe see...I don't know !...but would like to know....ewe can help me know...

Hugs & shmishes

mwah mwah mwah

Sheepy Spermy Stud
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Men are the same as women, just inside out !


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inviable zygote.

[A great name for a heavy-metal band  [:)] ]
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My Granny was called Polly. Wouldn't 'polyspermy' be a terrible nickname for your Grandma. It just conjours up too many disturbing images.
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