Is the excitement of watching sport good for you?

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We are told that any exercise that raises your heart beat and gets you out of breath is good for you and should be part of our daily life.  Well, I just watched the England game at the world cup and it made me think; I get very excited and tense watching England play and my heart beat rises, is this good for me? 

I watched England v Germany once in a gym, I soon stopped exercising and just watched but left myself plugged into pulse monitor; my heart rate was well above normal for whole game and hit three figures when we scored or came close.

Now my instinct tells me this is not good for me.  Anyone got any ideas how bad it is for me - or hopefully that it's a good thing.

Cheers Matthew.
ps well done defoe 
pps and well done donovan.  the refs tried to stop the usa getting through, but to no avail
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