What Has Been The TOTAL Population Of All Animals Since Animals Began ?

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Dearest Population-ologists,

As a sheepy  I of course am a member of a population…being a member of a population is like well great and is my all time favourite thing to be a member of !

Seeing as animals like us and cat-frogs are reproducing all the time..I reckon since the first animals starting reproducing that we have reproduced enough mass/weight to equal the volume of the Earth…..I reckon the soil we buy is made up of ewe and me !!

So…a few questions !!

How many humans (Homo Sapiens) have ever lived  ?…how many other living animals of all kinds have ever lived ?......how much does all that weigh ?

Cat Frog Yesterday

Hugs & shmishes

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Rats! I almost had it when a telemarketer phoned and made me lose count.


(BTW, that's three questions! You're really only allowed one per topic.)
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Limestones and chalks are made up from the skeletons of microscopic marine animals.  Go figure as to how many individuals contributed their skeletons to make the White Cliffs of Dover.  Then consider all the rest of the limestone and chalk deposits around the world.

Have there been more animals than there are grains of sand on the planet?
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