Why are certain areas more painful to hit?

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Why are certain areas more painful to hit?
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Bob Y  asked the Naked Scientists:
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My question is after watching many hours of those silly video shows where poor guys take a hit in the groin is; why is a hit to a man's testicles so much more painful, and the pain last so much longer than say a good hard slug to the arm where the pain is not necessarily "debilitating" and may only last for a few seconds?

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What do you think?
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Why are certain areas more painful to hit?
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Sensation is not uniformly distributed (comparatively little on arms)...

The homunculus is commonly used today in scientific disciplines, such as psychology, to describe the distorted scale model of a human drawn or sculpted to reflect the relative space human body parts occupy on the somatosensory cortex  (sensory homunculus) and the motor cortex (motor homunculus). The lips, hands, feet and sex organs have more sensory neurons than other parts of the body, so the homunculus has correspondingly large lips, hands, feet, and genitals.

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