Why is chemistry often called the central science?

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Why is chemistry often called the central science?
« Reply #1 on: 28/07/2010 17:06:09 »
Chemistry is often refered to as the central science because it links and contributes to most other sciences- being physical or life sciences (for example, you have chemical physics and biochemistry as well as other offshoots like geochemistry etc.). This diagram that I found makes the point really well (it is the ordering of sciences proposed by Balaban and Klien):
newbielink:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Partial_ordering_of_the_sciences_Balaban_Klein_Scientometrics2006_615-637.svg [nonactive]
This is the strict definition of why chemistry is the "central science" but my opinion of it is that this is also becsause chemistry lies at the heart of so of the many solutions to todays problems like monitoring air pollution, developing environmentally sustainable fuels and making new medicines (the list goes on) making chemistry absolutely essential to the development of society.

Hope this helps :)
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