Is menstruation a uniquely human phenomenon?

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Brian Venter

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Is menstruation a uniquely human phenomenon?
« on: 07/07/2010 17:30:03 »
Brian Venter asked the Naked Scientists:
Dear  Dr. Smith,
Many thanks for some wonderful enlightenment to South African listeners on the Redi Direko show, in your inimitable manner.
Last Friday on Redi Direko's Radio 702 show you answered a question which queried if Homo Sapiens females were the only species who menstruated and if so, why only humans. This is the second time that question has been asked in a few months.
You seemed to misunderstand the question by giving an explanation as to why such a monthly process happens, and also that some species like snails and sea urchins are hermaphroditic,  and not as the question asked, if menstruation is a bodily function confined only to the human race and if so, the reason why.
If I am correct in this assumption, would it be possible to please elaborate on Redi's show next Friday ?
Thanking you in anticipation and for your valuable time.
Warm Regards.

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