How often should you bath a baby?

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How often should you bath a baby?
« on: 10/07/2010 21:23:20 »
Is there any science suggesting the best frequency for taking a bath or shower?

No I'm not after escaping my routine, I like my (at least) daily shower. But did wonder if there is science saying how often I should bathe my son aged 2.

A quick Google Scholar search drew up very little, some studies on sexually transmitted diseases and frequency of washing genitals. Some studies on removing pathogens from neo-natal infants, and a lot about hand washing - some of it studying slum dwellers (our house isn't in a slum).

Presumably there is a trade-off between removing pathogens and damage to the skin from detergents or other chemicals - so it might well depend a lot on what you add to the water.

He's finally reached an age where he can start to wash his own hands, so I hope he'll be spreading fewer infections to his parents soon.
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Re: How often should you bath a baby?
« Reply #1 on: 11/07/2010 00:37:27 »
You could try an empirical approach.

Take him on a bus. If everyone else gets off at the next stop, it's time to consider giving him a bath. 
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