Before the Jurassic period could some of the animal species evolved affected by?

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This might sound more like SiFi! Can evolution be manipulated from some small doses of radiation?
Some freak accident of nature? Maybe we are just that too, who knows?

Could some of the animal species' DNA have been affected by some sort of radiation that made them develop different forms and growth abnormalities? Maybe there characteristics being sensitized to being affected by their environmental surroundings?
Which lead to the evolution of the Dinosaurs gigantic sizes, forms, and food cravings?
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The "freak accidents" are not uncommon. They occur about ever millionth time a cell divides.  Thus a sperm or egg that undergoes mitosis has a fair chance that the DNA does not replicate exactly, creating a mutation in the daughter cells.

On very rare occasions this inexact DNA replication produces an organism that has a particular advantage within the environment in which it exists.

Radiation is always a possible causes these mutations. but is not the dominate cause. A simple chemical mistake can happen at any time. There are other reasons as well - low availability of amino acids in a body that produces a mutation, stress in the organism when it suddenly needs to shift into a survival mode producing a hormonal surge that halts replication which later completes, etc.,etc.
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