ASTM G48 Method A

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ASTM G48 Method A
« on: 14/07/2010 09:22:40 »
Dear All,
according to ASTM G48 Method A (Pitting corrosion test), we are suppose to polish all surfaces of the specimen to a uniform finish until a minimum of A120-grit. Does this applies to test specimens which have welding? If yes, then are we not testing the original surface condition of the test specimen, specifically the weld cap and weld root?


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ASTM G48 Method A
« Reply #1 on: 03/08/2010 14:29:41 »
From what I can see on the test description, you are not supposed to use specimens with welds on. I guess that welding can also affect the material in other ways from the heat which could affect the accuracy of the test result as well. Not sure if this helps.