How long would it take to reach Uranus with gravity assist from the Sun?

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Charles asked the Naked Scientists:
   Is it possible to send a probe to the outer solar system using gravity assist from the sun? if so, how long will it take to reach the orbit of uranus?
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No it is not possible to use the sun to create a gravity assist.  one of the other planets has to be used  Jupiter is the best but it has to be in the right part of its orbit  for the assist to work.  This was one of the main reasons for sending the Voyager probes when we did because the gravity assist grand tour of the outer planets was only feasible for a short window in a very long time
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Although no direct gravity assist can be obtained from the Sun it is very useful to loop vehicles around the Sun to bring them into the proximity of planets where they can obtain a boost.


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Sadly enough there don't seem to be any journeys planned that way.

missions planned by NASA
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