Why do temperature changes affect the joints?

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Why do temperature changes affect the joints?
« on: 19/07/2010 13:30:03 »
LiuZumei  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hey Chris,

I'm Zumei Liu from China and I am a Pharmacy sophomore.

I've been listening to the naked scientists podcast for a few weeks and I love it a lot I feel so grateful that I found it at all!!

It's so stimulating and refreshing to listen to your quick and straightforward analysis of all those interesting problems, esp. to be guided to rescue the awe to life inside me when it's being smothered by the cramming and competing process.

Thanks so much, Chris, for all those amazing journeys!

I am wondering why people have Rheumatism have so sensitive knees when there's a sudden drop of temperature or increase of moist. Actually I am one of them; it seems that the knee detects the cold or the moist earlier than my conscious do. And then the ache goes away as soon as my knees warm up. Why is that? Anything to do with the wrong alarming of thermo-detecting nerves

Thanks and looking forward to your reply!

Best Regards,

Zumei Liu

What do you think?
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