Why would gas turbine output drop suddenly?

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Why would gas turbine output drop suddenly?
« on: 23/07/2010 06:22:18 »
I am working in combined cycle power plant and recently i have faced a problem that is

we have 2 gas turbines and 1 steam turbine. Few days ago a dust strom and after that rain came and just after our one gas turbine load reduced approximatley 2 MW.

Reduced load turbine parameter are,

pressure drop just before and after filters=  70.3mmH20
compressor Inlet temperature=  28 C
Compressor discharge pressure=  13 barg
compressor discharge pressure= 408 C

If any body know the cause please comment. waiting for response.
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Re: Why would gas turbine output drop suddenly?
« Reply #1 on: 23/07/2010 07:51:36 »
Assuming the filters are not partially blocked and restricting airflow, it might be that abrasive particles in the dust have eroded the blades in the compressor, or the turbine.

You need to get an expert on the particular turbine to take a look at this. I suggest you contact the manufacturer immediately.   
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