Wellbutrin or Cipralex?

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Wellbutrin or Cipralex?
« on: 25/07/2010 19:49:08 »
Hi all

I sometimes suffer from depression.

About 5 years ago I had a terrible bout of depression, my doctor put me on cipralex and I was ok after 3 months and doctor told me I could stop.

Recently in the last month or so, my depression has returned and now my doctor has put me on Wellbutrin XL 150mg. I feel like a zombie but that is ok because I have only been taking it for a week and it takes a while to work.

My question is : should I continue the Wellbutrin and hope it works, or should I go back to Cipralex because I know that did work for me....


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Wellbutrin or Cipralex?
« Reply #1 on: 25/07/2010 20:39:43 »
Hi, sorry to hear you are suffering again. Give the Wellbutrin another week and see how it goes, your Doc will recommend you give it longer than that but I think 2 weeks is enough to know if it really will affect you adversely.
Personally I would consider going back on the Cipralex, it is a good drug and can make the world of difference. If you know it works for you, and the Wellbutrin really isnt doing it, then go back on it.

I hope you feel better soon  [:)]
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