Real time?

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Real time?
« on: 17/01/2006 06:10:44 »
I try to understand general relativity but I don,t get it in it's currant form.
If the universe was likened to a yellow brick road forever being constructed (changed) before us looking forward I would call this universal time looking back I would call it gravity.
This universal road can be constructed slower but not faster than light and any information that travelled along this road would have its own relative time frame depending on the speed of information it was trying to move along.
If an object starts increasing its speed relative to the road before it then  the construct or information change would appear to slow down relative to road being spread before it.
To an outside observer this ammount of information (matter) observed in a smaller time frame would result in an increase in kenetic mass.
However any slow down in time would result in a decrease in gravity .
This is where I dont get it when they say gravity slows time.
They must be one and the same just moving in opposite directions.
They are balanced, its more like time slows and gravity gets weeker.
Now we try to increase the information closer to the speed of light.
As we get closer to the speed of light the information gets condensed in an ever decreasing relative time frame and at the moment of achieving the speed of light you would reach the end of the road of universal time.
No inforamation could be past beyond this point you would have achieved zero time zero gravity and to an outsider just before you went out your information would have appeared almost infinate in such a small time frame.
But what of you if you where in that information.
Your relative speed to the universe observed before you would freeze and all the information would be frozen for all eternity.
Going beyond the speed of light in this direction would not be possible as you cannot out do your own creation on the yellow brick road layed out with you.
As for time then going in reverse well the same would be the same going that way as well as gravity would still flow no faster than light in that direction either.And any information flowing that way would only end up at the begining of time anyway.

Tomorrow lies outside our universe without it there would be no tomorrow.
Tomorrow lies outside our universe without it there would be no tomorrow.