In light of a question I am about to ask , what is it about uncertainty?

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Little food for thought.

From man's point of view, relatively everything has a counter part! A battery has its plus and minus terminal, good has the bad, wet has the dry, like has the dislike and why has the why not, cold has hot, right has left, max has min; etc....

Oh, light has the dark, that is saying, can we see light before it is reflected?
Light is a certain electromagnetic reaction on a surface, that the mechanism is lacking some resonance that occurs within a certain frequency range which we can naturally observe without any aids, normally.

We surmise that light sets the speed limit in our Universe, so far!
 Then why is it, no matter where light goes, it always finds darknest was there first? 


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"It is said that the opposite of noise is silence. This isn't true. Silence is only the absence of noise. Silence would have been a terrible din compared to the sudden soft implosion of noiselessness that hit the wizards with the force of an exploding dandelion clock."  Terry Pratchett says it better than me (from The Light Fantastic)
Thereís no sense in being precise when you donít even know what youíre talking about.  John Von Neumann

At the surface, we may appear as intellects, helpful people, friendly staff or protectors of the interwebs. Deep down inside, we're all trolls. CaptainPanic @ sf.n


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Many of the things that are widely considered to be opposites are actually not, or are only subjectively so, as imatfaal points out.
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