Discuss: The Science of Glastonbury

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Discuss: The Science of Glastonbury
« on: 16/08/2010 14:05:44 »
The science of the Glastonbury Festival is the unusual subject of this  week's special summer edition of the Naked Scientists. Ben Valsler joins  in the fun to find out what it takes to turn a farm into a city (and  back again) every year, scrutinises the operation's green credentials  and also hears how the organisers keep clean water flowing in, and waste  flowing out, for nearly 200,000 revellers. Greenpeace, Water Aid, and  even the Rap Guide to Evolution also featured at the festival, and Baba  Brinkman, Paloma Faith, Josie Long and Robin Ince argue for more science  on the setlist in future.
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Discuss: The Science of Glastonbury
« Reply #1 on: 05/08/2010 19:05:23 »
They said they toss the leftover tents into the rubbish pile. I wonder if they could be donated to the homeless?

When organizing something like this (a temporary community really), do they ever get advice from the military? I'd think the military would have a lot of experience in this field, considering you need to gather together hundreds of thousands of personnel to execute an invasion. In 1944 thousands of personnel were gathered in England to prepare for D-Day. It took weeks, and the troops that arrived first needed to be fed, bedded down, entertained, and provided with places to practice the landing. It's always amazing to see how efficient they can be.
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