Why do I still feel like I'm at sea?

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Jenny Wiersma

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Why do I still feel like I'm at sea?
« on: 02/08/2010 09:30:05 »
Jenny Wiersma asked the Naked Scientists:
Hallo Chris
Three years ago my partner & I were invited to the Seychelles to look after a friends 90' catamaran.
To start with our journey involved a flight from CT to Johannesburg & then from JHB to Mahé Seychelles.  We sailed with our friends around the islands for a week before they returned to France. After a couple of days I noticed that I had adopted the very shallow rocking motion we experienced on board whilst tied on the jetty. Having cruised extensively before I thought the rocking feeling would leave me as soon as we were on terra firma again. However it did not. Must also just mention that our week's cruise ended in a very rough sail and feeling very seasick. I was lying down in the saloon with my head to the bow and feet to stern. We experienced severe forward jerking whilst taking heavy seas over the bow.
It has  been 3 years now and the rocking from side to side motion is with me all the time as soon as I get onto my feet. As long as my head & eyes are perfectly still I don't "rock" . I suffer with severe lower back pain, I guess from the constant subconscience rocking like a tall palm in the wind. Others notice it only when I am having a particularly bad day or have not slept well.

Incidentally, I don't feel the rocking at all when I'm lying down.  On rare occasions I feel nauseated. I saw a  Neurologist & ENT specialist 3 years ago and they could find nothing.
Hope you have an answer
Kind regards
Jenny Wiersma

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