is that a big crater????

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is that a big crater????
« on: 03/08/2010 07:43:40 »
after studying a elevation map i found what appears to be a rather large impact crater,mabye in excess of 70 km + looks rather young as there is a clear perfectly round shape to it, and a clear depression in the inner part of the thing.its hard to see as its on the ocean floor,and in a unobvious place.. but once you can see it it stands out, so out of curiousity i looked on other satilite image maps ,and there it was, perfectly matching other imageing from differant sorces..I have tried to find if this has been discovered before but can not find anything on it anywhere.hmmm
how do i find someone to help me see if this is a large impact crater and not steal my discovery "if even one"  [:D] [:D]
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is that a big crater????
« Reply #1 on: 03/08/2010 17:02:25 »
You can post a screen capture of it here, without coordinates if you like, and we can give you a preliminary idea.

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