Cows milk can end up in breast milk!

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Clara Garza

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Cows milk can end up in breast milk!
« on: 06/08/2010 11:30:03 »
Clara Garza  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Comment about flavours in breast milk (Naked Scientists, 25 july 2010).

Many things mother eats or drinks go into breast milk, including "bad"
ones. My newborn developed a bad skin rash. Pediatrician and
dermatologists had no clue.

It turned out he was allergic to the protein in cow's milk which he was
getting from my breast milk. When I stopped drinking cow's
milk, most of his symptoms disappeared and I could continue nursing.

Someone out there may find this information useful.


PS. I love the show. Congratulations.

What do you think?
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