What are some of the things that needs improvement in Science?

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There are many things out there which needs improvement. What are some of them there? Please share your views with us. Thanks!
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1. More effective communication of the value of the scientific method to the general public.
2. In concert with the first point a better effort to explain to the general public that science is not what we know, but how we know it.
3. And in line with the first two the re-introduction of the death penalty, this time for those people who persistently say 'It's only a theory'.
4. A more effective method of facilitating the emergence of controversial ideas is required. McClintock's concept of transposons was ignored for two decades or more. It was a similar timespan for Margulis's ideas on endosymbiosis. There are hundreds of other examples.
5. We need to find a way that researchers are judged by the quality of the papers they publish, not the quantity.
Observe; collate; conjecture; analyse; hypothesise; test; validate; theorise. Repeat until complete.