Athlete's foot and trainers

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Athlete's foot and trainers
« on: 15/08/2010 08:50:28 »
I am catching up on podcasts.  Several months ago I listened to the podcast talking about foot fungus.  I remember the hosts talking about how people with athlete's foot usually wear trainers.

Do people with the tendency to get Athlete's foot choose to wear trainers(either by being very active people or finding relief of symptoms? 
Do trainers cause "increase likelihood" of getting Athlete's foot?

This has really been bugging me for a few months.  I always thought that trainers would reduce the likelihood of my extremely sweaty feet getting Athlete's foot.  It seems to me that they dry out quicker.  I can remember wearing leather only shoes and they would be wet the next day from sweat or rain. [xx(]

I understand the need to rotate shoes.  I currently have 3 pairs of trainers that I use, depending on the activity.  Depending on the shoe and activity, sometimes I wear 2 pairs of thick, white, cotton socks.

Thanks for understanding my crazy preoccupation with this subject!!! [;D]