Is a degree related to genetics a good degree to do, with good prospects and ..

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Seriouly now getting sad......
What am I doing thinking about science?

Where do you go? Yours with love JOLLY


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Depends if you're keen.

Don't do a degree you're not interested in, because you won't enjoy it, won't get good results, and a degree is only going to lead to a good (and interesting) job and a good income if you do well academically.

That said, genetics is currently, and I would think for the foreseeable future, a pretty important and relatively well-funded research area with lots of scope for doing work on important problems.. which is a good route both to a sense of working toward something worthwhile, and to working in a field with reasonable funding.

So if I were asked for advice by a hypothetical student with an equal interest in studying, say, a genetics degree or a history degree, I'd say that the genetics degree would be a better financial prospect.