What are the reactions of manganese oxide (Mn2O7)?

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Mn2O7 is a powerful compound capable of oxidizing freshly cut grass or lighting a piece of paper on fire on contact.

My first question: what color is pure Mn2O7?

I have seen it as a green oily liquid, but that was with high contamination of K2SO4 (H2SO4+KMnO4). I don't think the K2SO4 would make a difference in color, but I thought I would ask.

Second, how would Mn2O7 react with chlorinated methanes (CH2Cl2, CH3Cl etc)? My guess is that it would oxidize the C, and the Cl(s) would go to the Mn, so H2O, CO2, and MnxClx.

Would this be a safe/interesting method to chemically determine the concentrations of chlorinated methanes in paint strippers? (I have read that oxidation of CHCl3 at high temp. can make phosgene, but wasn't sure if Mn2O7 would do this. If so, I shan't continue these experiments!)
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Capabilities of Mn2O7?
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Using Mn2O7 isn't a safe way of doing anything.
There are better ways of measuring chlorocarbons.
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Re: Capabilities of Mn2O7?
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Mn2O7 is green by reflected light and red by transmitted light.

I suspect it would react with chlorinated methanes in a manner producing fires.  It would not be safe