Can a glasses help the color blindness people?

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Can a glasses help the color blindness people?
« on: 30/10/2010 14:52:32 »
Is there any related science can explain the color blind glasses?


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Can a glasses help the color blindness people?
« Reply #1 on: 31/10/2010 01:16:21 »
Is there any related science can explain the color blind glasses?

Color Blindness Glasses Explained

If you want to learn about color blindness glasses and if they could help you or a loved one see and enjoy the different colors that are in the world, then you will want to read this article to the very end. Specifically we'll discuss what color blindness is, the history of color blindness glasses, and what the glasses actually do to help a color blind person see colors. When you've finished this article you will have a better understanding of color blind glasses and if they may help you.


Anyone who suffers from a deficiency in color vision has a dream of someday being able to see colors. However, no one has come up with a way to enable a person with color blindness to having correct color vision.

As far back as 1837, Seebeck, a German scientist wrote about the possibility of restoring color vision with lenses. However, it wasn't until the twentieth century that many began to experiment with tinted glasses to help people who were colorblind.

At first these developers thought that colorblindness could be reversed so that the victims could have normal color vision. However, it is now known that colorblindness is a genetic condition and nothing except genetic alteration can correct the defect.

How They Work

The process of using tinted glasses to improve colorblindness is very simple. The colorblind person uses a tinted lens on the non-dominate eye. This enables both eyes to see different colors because both sides of the brain will work together to get information from the side using the tinted lens. You can also use a different tinted lens on each eye. However, this process will not work by putting the same tinted lens on both eyes.

The process works for each type of color blindness and with the many levels of severity but it will not work for the person who suffers from complete color blindness.

Drawbacks to Using Tinted Lenses

The one fact you must understand is that colorblindness glasses do not improve color blindness. They only help the user to see colors while they are wearing the glasses.

Some of the main drawbacks to colorblindness glasses are: ...more? see link