Naked Archaeology = Bad Journalism

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Naked Archaeology = Bad Journalism
« on: 30/10/2010 19:00:04 »
The section on Israel in Naked Archaeology of October 17, 2010 is not science journalism.

It is not science because nothing scientific was discussed.

It is not journalism because only one side of a political issue was discussed.

The irony is that one of the major complaints against Israel raised in the piece was that tourists going to archaeological sites in Israel only hear the Israeli narrative -- and that is EXACTLY what YOU did -- you gave a one-sided political narrative.

I am not an expert in Archaeology or politics, but I heard that the biggest political/Archaeology scandal in the region is at the Temple Mount -- one of the most important Archaeological sites in the world.  The Palestinian Islamic Wakf does not allow excavations there. But what is worse -- when they make building renovations on the site they intentionally destroy any Archaeological evidence of a Jewish presence there (using bulldozers).

Shame on you for being part of the political movement to delegitimize Israel.