The Inflaton

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The Inflaton
« on: 08/02/2006 07:08:27 »
I know that little is known about the inflaton field and inflaton particle, or if they even exist, but what are some of the predicted propeties of this field/particle?

1) Is this field thought to still be with us today, or did it decay in the early universe?

2) Is the inflaton thought to be massless or massive? If massive, what mass is it thought to have? Is it a boson?

3) Could inflaton particles be produced and detected artificially, such as in particle accelerators?

4) If an inflaton field could be produced artificially, what uses might it have?

5) Is the inflaton thought to have an antiparticle (the "deflaton"?), or is it it's own antiparticle? Might this "deflaton" cause deflation instead of inflation?

According to my knowledge, the field is supposedly omnipresent, and evenly distributed throughout space. It is also thought to have caused the rapid expansion in the early Universe called Inflation.

Also, how popular is the inflaton theory?
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Re: The Inflaton
« Reply #1 on: 08/02/2006 08:50:41 »
The only reason inflation has been proposed is because the inital cosmic microwave background is so evenly distributed so at that time the universe was not violently turbulent like an explosion would be.  Inflation effectively hides all the noise and tuyrbulance out of our site in other parts of our universe that are not accessible to us.

Nothing is really understood about it and it probalbly lies inside the uncertainty limits that applied at the time.  

I dislike theories with no solid background in physics

However if an alternative process for the start of big bangs that ensured that the universe had to become very ordered and smooth as space expanded initially it would not be needed

See the view from a ring singularity for a hypothesis that produces one that works this way.

Learn, create, test and tell
evolution rules in all things
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Learn, create, test and tell
evolution rules in all things
God says so!