How fast does gravity travel?

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Nigel Verity

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How fast does gravity travel?
« on: 05/11/2010 16:30:05 »
Nigel Verity  asked the Naked Scientists:

I have a question about the nature of gravity.

If the Sun were somehow to stop radiating light, it would take about 8 minutes before it disappeared from the sky as observed from the Earth. However if, through some currently unknown process, the Sun instantly disappeared from the universe would there be a time interval before this had an impact on the Earth's orbit, or would the effect be instantaneous?

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Nige Verity

What do you think?
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How fast does gravity travel?
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The speed is c: still 8'20''


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How fast does gravity travel?
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Light will disapear in about 8 min.
But gravity is not is an acceleration and neither the sun's of the earth;'s gravity is no where near light speed.

If we look at the earth's orbit around the sun as we stand as the center hub, using a bucket of water tethered to a rope, swinging in a revolutionary fashion.

We  have angular motion, upon release this motion become linear in nature the instant the teather is released. Maybe a sling shot affect.
I think this will cause the light from the sun to disapear from earth's view a little bit longer but not much.
That is my personal view.
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